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Hillslide Orchards WELCOMES you to the wonderful world of farming!!!!


cherriesHillslide Orchards is a family owned business dedicated to producing some of the finest fruit in the Columbia basin.  Our ideal naturally frost free locations in Basin City has allowed us to produce some of the highest quality fruit in Washington State.

We are proud to be the first commercially producing orchard of the famous Donut Peach™ and will continue to produce this unique delicious white-fleshed peach for our customers.

donut peach


grapesOur philosophy is simple.  We promise to continue to produce safe high quality fruit and to make aggressive changes in our varieties as well as inventing new varities in an effort to keep up with today's worldwide market. 

We will continue to be aggressive in getting our product to the consumer in the most affordable manner.  From our orchard to your table, healthy choices for a better life. apples

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Updated On April 24, 2007